Say hello to the leadership team at Arise Church

Arise Leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Arise Church. Meet the men and women who work to keep our church gospel-centered. If you'd like to contact everyone on leadership, email leadership@arisechurch.life, or if you'd like to email the Elder team send your email to "elders@arisechurch.life."

andy@arisechurch.life "Well, I guess we aren't strangers anymore..."

Andrew Ward - Lead Pastor

Andrew Ward was born and raised in northern Minnesota, yet he dislikes ice fishing. He has been with Arise Church since 2014. Since then, he has served as Arise's lead pastor. Andrew is married to his lovely wife Kristina of 18 years, and they have six children.

"It's A Trap" - Admiral Ackbar's

Brook Carlson - Elder

Brook Carlson joined the Arise Church leadership team in 2015 as the Deacon of whatever was needed. He has recently transitioned to the Elder team as of January 2022. He oversees Arise's finances, facility, and Arise Mids. When he is not serving at Arise, you will probably find Brook grooming his beard and watching some type of Star Wars show with his wife, Mandee, and son.

"That's a lot of Hair" - Thug from Tangled

Keith Stoltzfus - Elder

Keith Stoltzfus started at Arise Church in 2015 and almost immediately started to serve in Arise's music. Keith oversees sound and slides, small groups, and growth and equipping. When Keith is not serving at Arise or combing his long hair, you'll find him hanging out with his wife, Alisha, and his three kids.

The Doctor is in

Matt Bettendorf - Elder

Matt Bettendorf started at Arise Church in 2019. Matt oversees Arise Kids. This is a fitting match for Matt, considering he has 12 kids with his wife, Carrie.

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Melissa Ellis - Director of Arise Kids

Melissa Ellis started attending Arise Church in 2020 and almost immediately started serving in Arise Kids. Melissa has three kids of her own with her husband, Derrick.

Midwife mobile is a thing

Alisha Stoltzfus - Director of Music

Alisha Stoltzfus has been with Arise Church since 2014. She has been involved in almost everything Arise has to offer. If you don't find her sitting behind the keyboard at church, you will find her with her three kids and husband, Keith.

Excellent at both grappling AND baking

Debbie Hjelle - Deacon of Hospitality

Debbie Hjelle was one of the original members of Arise Church. When she's not setting up the hospitality area or planting some flowers in front of Arise Church, she's running around with her five kids and husband, Dusty.

Leadership Contact information

If you'd like to email us, here are our email addresses:

Pastor Andrew - andy@arisechurch.life

Brook Carlson - brook@arisehcurch.life

Keith Stoltzfus - keith@arisechurch.life

Matt Bettendorf - matt@arisechurch.life

Melissa Ellis - melisa@arisechurch.life

Alisha Stoltzfus - alisha@arisechurch.life

Debbie Hjelle - debbie@arisechurch.life